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Un mariage célébré aux États-Unis réhabilité

 Les registres de la paroisse Saint-Agnès de Dundee pour le 29 octobre 1905 font état de l’acte de réhabilitation de mariage suivant :

«Rehabilitation of marriage J. Gosselin & M. Mainville

The twenty-nine of October nineteen hundred and five, before us the undersigned Pap Parish priest, appeared James Gosselin, laborer of this parish, son of age of the late Benjamin Gosselin and of Marceline Nero, on the one part, and Mary Mainville, also of this parish, daughter minor of Charles Mainville and Rachilda Dufresne on the other part, who declared that they have already contracted marriage on the thirtieth of April last in the parish of Fort Covington, U.S.A. but that the said marriage having afterwards being found doubtful or null on account of non domicile, in the said parish of Fort Covington, and no authorization x to the parish priest of said parish to marry them, the parties, upon the recommendation of the Lordships, Bishop H Gabriels of Ogdenburgh, and Bishop J.M. Emard of Valleyfield, wish to have their marriage rehabilitated ; therefore, having discovered no other impediment and whereas the dispensation of tree bans has also been granted, we the undersigned parish priest, have received their mutual consent of marriage, in presence of Thomas Rowley, and Alfred Deragon, of this parish ; # who as the of this act has been read to the parties. Four words erazed, nul. Two marginal notes good

May Mainville

Thomas Rowley

                      J.A. Derome, ptre curé».

Dans la marge, on peut lire les annotations suivantes :

«x having been given  M.M.  T.R.  J.A.D. ptre» ;

«# and Alfred Deragon, of the parish of St Anicet   M.M.  T.R.  J.A.D. ptre».

Noter l’intervention de deux évêques dont l’un officie aux États-Unis.

[Summary :
The church record for the rehabilitation of a marriage in Dundee, Québec.]

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