mardi 12 avril 2016

Se pendre sur son navire

Les registres de  l'Anglican Cathedral Holy Trinity Church de Québec pour le 20 octobre 1847 font état de l'acte de sépulture suivant : 

«Orten Buried 

Captain Henry Orten, Aged, died, on the thirtieth of June, by hanging himself by the neck on  board his ship, and was buried, by Coroners warrant on the first day of July, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty seven
                   By me, C.L.J. Haenul?, ?
                                   Chapel of the Holy Trinity.
Present   John Rickaby
              Rab. Richardson». 

Noter l'identification sommaire du défunt.

[Sépulture :
The church record for the burying of a captain in Québec, Québec.]

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