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«...the witnesses are not related to either party...»

Les registres de l'International Advent Church de Waterloo pour le 20 janvier 1904 font état de 'acte de mariage suivant : 

«Married on this on the twenty third day of January in the Year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and four (1904) Nathaniel Stone Parkes, bachelor and laborer, son of Sewell S. Parkes farmer and Clarissa H Schoolcraft his wife all of the Village of Eastman County of Brome Province of Quebec And Edna Emma Louise Osgood spinster daughter of William Alfred Osgood deceased and Emma Louise Chapman his wife all of the Town of Waterloo County of Shefford Province of Quebec were by virtue of License united in the bond of Marriage the rite being duly solemnized by me the undersigned Minister in the presence of the subscribing witnesses. The Groom of age the bride a minor (Mothers consent given) no opposition.
         The witnesses Maude M Chadsey and Ida A. Tittemore are not related to either party. The Groom, Bride and witnesses here sign with me the officiating minister acknowledge the foregoing record to be correct.
                      Nathaniel S. Parke           Edna E L Osgood
Witnesses    Maude M Chadsey
                     Ida M. Tittemore
                   Edgar G. Chadsey Minister».
Le fait que les témoins n'ont aucune lien de parenté avec les époux rend l'identification des personnes mentionnées dans cet acte plus difficile. Noter les formulations utilisées pour le libellé et qui illustrent la valeur juridique de cet acte.

[Summary :
The church record for a marriage in Waterloo, Québec.]

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