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Tué en marchant sur la voie du chemin de fer

Les registres de l'Acton Vale Anglican Church pour le 2 mars1905 font état de l'acte de sépulture suivant :

«Burial   MacKenzie 

Alfred MacKenzie, late of St Dove Avenue Penwontham Preston, England, labourer about twenty five years old, was accidentally killed on Great Trunk Railroad track, while walking from Upton to Acton, by engine on passenger train, on Ferbruary twenty seventh Anno Domini, nineteen hundred and five, and was buried, four days afterwards, with the permit of coroner Dr C.J.S. Gauthier of St Ephrem d'Upton, in the Burial ground of St Mark's Church, Town of Acton, Province of Quebec, in presence of C.H. Jenkins and Siméon Dion churs wardens
Witnesses   Siméon Dion
                  C.H. Perkins           By me Louis C.Wustete
                                                 Incumbent Pastor

[Summary :
The church record for the burial of a man in Acton Vale, Québec.]

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