lundi 25 novembre 2013

Une jeune fille immigrante est inhumée à Québec

Les registres de la St. Peter's Anglican Church de Québec pour le 28 mai 1910 font état de l'acte de sépulture suivant : 

«Forbes - Buried 

Emma Jane Forbes daughter of the late thomas Forbes and Alice Sandalem, his wife, of Bootle, near Liverpool, England, at the age of sixteen years, died of tuberculosis in the Emmigration Detention Hospital, Little River Road, Quebec, on the twenty-seventh day of May in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ten, and was buried in Mont Hermon Cemetery on the following day. By me
Ernest A. Willoughby King
Rector of St.Peter's Ch. and Rural Dean
Alice Forbes       James Treggett». 

Un rappel que la ville de Québec a été le témoin d'une immigration importante au 19e et au début du 20e siècles.

[Summary :
The church record for the burying of a girl in Québec, Québec.]

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