dimanche 9 juin 2013

Il signe l'acte à deux titres différents

Les registres de la Seventh Day Adventist Church de Dixville pour le 13 mai 1908 font état de l'acte de naissance suivant :                                                    

«Skinner born
George Irwin Skinner born son of Geo. Howe Skinner North Hatley Quebec, one of the Provinces of the Dominion of Canada, Minister, and of his wife Clarissa Annis Pringey, of North Hatley, Quebec, was born in the village of Knowlton, in the Township of             , in County of Brome, Province of Quebec, Canada, on the seventh day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eight, as declared to me this thirteenth day of May of the said year, by the parents who have signed this day in the presence of the following witnesses.
Parents    Geo. Howe Skinner
                 Clarissa Annis Pringey Skinner
Witnesses    Bertha M. Arendt. Nurse.
                   F. J. William
Geo H. Skinner, minister». 

Une telle situation ne peut être rencontrée dans un registre catholique.

[Summary :
The church record for the birth of a boy in Dixville, Québec.]

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