lundi 28 décembre 2015

Un charpentier se suicide à Québec

Les registres de l'Anglican Cathedral Holy Trinity Church de Québec pour le 22 juin 1826 font état de l'acte de sépulture suivant : 

«Jewett Buried 

William Jewett, of Bristol in England, late Carpenter on board the Ship Othello, now lying in the port of Quebec, Coroner's warrant Who on the twenty first day of June instant at Quebec not being in his right sense’s hanged himself in the house of Thomas Stonehouse in a Street called Sault au Matelot in the Lower Town of Quebec which caused his death, and was buried on the twenty second of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six.
By me  Geo ARchibold Auhbold Aps Minister at Québec
Presents   John Malieig? Chief Mate Othello
                Joseph Stull Boatswach?». 

Noter l'expression utilisée pour décrire la cause du décès.

[Summary :
The church record for the burying of a man in Québec, Québec.]

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